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Sergeant at age 26…Lieutenant at age 28. This method worked for me and for many others – see below. 


The first time I took the exam I spent hundreds of hours breaking the books down into flash cards. I scored a low 90’s. I was promoted to sergeant at age 26. The next exam I used nothing but the flash cards I had previously created – I scored a 96. I was promoted to Lieutenant. A few years went by – I was knee-deep in law school, some of the books had changed and I didn’t have the time to break the books down into flash cards. I scored in the low 80’s. Scoring well has very little to do with intelligence and everything to do with your method of study and preparation. There is no doubt that the flash cards had a major impact on my promotional success.

Names and Departments, and in some cases scores, have been removed for privacy

Hello Justin:  In case you don’t remember me:   I took several of your seminars and bought mucho materials from you a couple years ago while studying for the LT exam in Amesbury.  GREAT INVESTMENT!!  I topped the exam with a 90 and got appointed permanent Lt on April 12, 2010.   On April 14, 2010 my Chief retired and I was made Acting Chief of Police.  On April 22, 2010 I signed a 5 yr contract as Chief of Police….   You never know what opportunities will come up!  You are welcome to share this story.  Your seminars and materials were invaluable!

Chief Mark D. Gagnon
Amesbury Police Department

Hey Justin, I just wanted to let you know that I was lucky enough to get promoted to Chief last week here in XXXXX.  Part of the reason I was able to do that was because of you.  I am not sending this for any other reason but to say thanks and if there is ever anything I can do to help you in the future please feel free to call.
Hi Justin, I followed the personal trainer religiously every week, utilized study guides, edge outlines, and flashcards…One of only two in (a large agency) who passed the LT. exam. No question about it the program works, without program I would not be number one on LT. exam. Thank you again.
Hey Justin,I just got promoted to sergeant with using exclusively “The Kitchen Sink”. Thank you soooo much and keep up the good work. I’ll be back for another 15% once the dust settles.
Hello Justin, Wanted to send out an update from the XXXXXX Police Department. I
have been a Hanrahan Consulting customer and fan for the past few tests. The efforts have paid off as I was promoted to sergeant last night. Your advise and your materials were major contributing factors in the road to promotion. Can’t thank you enough. Be safe. –
Hi Justin, I hope that this finds you and your family well. It’s been some time since we have communicated. I want to reach out to you to say a very heartfelt thank you. I checked the standings tonight after receiving a text from a friend indicating that the list was now certified. In short, I want to say thank you for your motivation and encouragement. I am number 1 on the list of 9 applicants. I want you to know that I never purchased one book on the reading list, with the exception of the MPI books, and used solely your material. I put everything I had into this exam and as you have told me “the result will pay off”. You have a heart of gold and I will always be thankful to you. May you continue to have much success in everything you touch.
Hello Justin, I just wanted to say thanks for all the assistance during the train the trainer this past year. Between the question of the day and all the material as well as the weekly assignments I scored an 89 on the Lieutenants Exam. Between your program and the hours of commitment I put into studying I achieved such a high score on what I am hearing was a very difficult exam. Thank you, XXXXX
Lt, of the 43 or so guys at my department who took this test only like 8 or so of us passed and of them MANY of those people were in your personal trainer program. Thank you!
Hi Justin, Just wanted to let you know I used your materials again and got a score of 87 which topped my department. I just wanted to thank you again. I topped the last test with a 95 using your stuff but they eliminated the job ……Obviously this test was the most difficult I have ever taken ….This exam though I actually did not put in as much time as the last one and I concentrated the last few weeks solely on your flash cards, audio cd’s, and study guides in addition to attending one of your seminars. There is no doubt in my mind that it helped me top this test. Hope all is well and be safe. Thanks,
Justin (Lieutenant Hanrahan), My name is XXXXX, a Patrolman in XXXXXX, It appears that I am the only person to pass the exam. In preparation for this past exam, I learned that most of our recent promoted supervisors had used your study materials and/or attended your classes. With this in mind, I opted to purchase the kitchen sink, your 2010 Law outline, attended your Management book seminar, and finally, your law seminar. In 2007, I utilized John Scheft’s classes and materials and was not as successful (died on the list ). I am convinced that your classes and material were responsible for my passing this recent exam, and for that I am very grateful. Furthermore, friends from other agencies who also attended your classes have also reported passing. Your efforts and your quest to help brother Officers’ does not go unnoticed.
Justin- I scored a 78! At first I was glad I passed but thought I had done so much better. Then I found out that only one other person in my department passed and he got a 74 (7 out of 9 failed). So I’m allegedly at the top. The difference was undoubtedly the edge and seminars. Thanks again.
Justin, Just got my score–Boston Band #6—Total score 95.25! I have to give credit where credit is due–and that’s to you and your study guides, courses and positive attitude + plus my 7 weeks of no stop studying just prior to the test.. Thanks
I have to say that when I heard of the question of the day and Masspromotions I was skeptical. I am now a true believer. Some of your material was right on. Between the question of the day, your material, the MPI course and the “Kitchen Sink,” I was prepared.
I just want to say thank you. As a result of using the flash cards, books, and online questions of the day I was able to score a 93 on the sgt’s exam. (last exam I only scored a 77) Thanks again,
Justin, a short thanks for the putting together all the material for the promotional exam. I bought the kitchen sink and was top score in my department for Sgt.
Justin, I got my score and I am a 5 with a score of 87. My personal best. I am 99% sure that it is the #1 score for my department. Although I did not break a 90, I am still number one and that was my goal. Your guidance and motivation were the things that made the difference. The Kitchen Sink, personal trainer, and the practice exams did the trick. Several patrol officers want to know what I did and I am recommending you and your programs to them. Hopefully, they can gain, as I did, and get the stripes. If I am lucky and I get promoted, I will definitely be contacting you again to get the “Bars”. Thank you, again for your help.
HI Justin, All the guys have reported in and I topped it!!!! I put in a ton of work to get that score but like I said – I really hit your stuff hard in the final months (Audio Cd’s, flashcards, practice Q’s). I had to really “bang it out” going up against those guys with a 100 on T&E and 2 pt preferences and without your help I wouldn’t have done it. I now fondly remember my 7 yr old daughter reading me the flashcard questions at night!!!! Too funny………I am recommending you to the guys taking the test in October here for Sgt and Lt. Good luck in October as well!
Justin, just wanted to let you know I was just promoted to Sergeant. I would like to thank you for your help along the way. Your study method ,material, and constant support have helped me tremendously.
Justin, I used your materials for the ’07 LT. exam and received a 91. I made LT in April. Your materials are excellent.
Hello Justin; just wanted to know that I purchased your kitchen sink and scored 93 on the L.t.’s exam, thanks for all your help.
Scored 91 (written) on the lieutenant’s exam. Kitchen Sink was very valuable and it was obvious who used it in our department as their scores far surpassed those who used other materials.
Hi Justin, Thanks for your help with the private tutor emails and your edge outlines. I must admit that I was thrown off track due to family matters but was able to make up lost ground by cramming your edge outlines and the highlighted portions. The exam was a lot easier than the 2006 exam. I dont want to jinx myself on a “guestimate” for a score. I used the other guy for 2006 but I am definately sticking with you from now on. I am glad that I chose you for helping me prep this year. Thanks again.
Justin, add one more to your win column. I just got promoted to Sgt in the town of XXXXXX. I used the Kitchen Sink as well as buying and reading the four main books cover to cover…..Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the help and keep up the good work.
Just a note. Recently I was promoted to Lt. With a score of 92. To be honest, due to a young family, I had little time to prepare. A friend of mine with the Waltham PD suggested I get the Kitchen sink, which I did. I found this tool to very effective. Thanks for your help. .XXXXX, XXXXXX police dept.
Justin, I took two of your classes. One in April and one in Sept. Both were helpful especially the Crim. procedure for this exam. Don’t know how well I did but I definitely did better because of the prep classes. $well spent. Thanks.
Justin: I would like to thank you. I purchased your disks for studing this past test. I put them on my ipod and listened to them while working
details (never did that before). Well, my past scores (4) have never been higher than an 80. This test i scored a 91.25 on the written (so far #1 in my dept.) Again! Thank You
I just want to thank you for two things. I am so glad I had the opportunity to buy your kitchen sink. I believe the study cards helped me so much. Secondly, the audio CDs were also wonderful. During the exam I said a thanks to you because one of things you mentioned on your CD was the amount of force making an arrest for a property crime. On your tape you said that might be a good test question. Well guess what- it was on the exam. So someone who never bought your product would get that wrong. Lastly, I was fortunate enough to take your mock exam in September. I went in with a very relaxed attitude (I have horrible test anxiety). I scored an 85 % and you sent me a breakdown and said that I had one of the highest scores. The breakdown of my mock exam, how I compared to others who took it, was helpful as well as your comments. Because of that I was able to go into the “real test” more relaxed, more confident in what I knew.
Also just wanted to say thanks. I got a 90% on this years LT exam and attribute it to your material. I got a 78% on the last Lt exam (04). Thanks again.
Hi, Justin I just got back into town and got my Test Score Because of your Materials and Classes, I Pasted the SGT’s Test for the first time in 4 attempts with and (85). I have tried the other people’s classes and I always missed it by a question. However, with your Materials and Classes I scored the second highest in my Department. I cannot thank you enough for putting out such great Materials and classes yours are head & shoulders above the rest.
Hello Lt, it appears I have gotten all the scores “informally” and topped it (Lt exam) at 94. I have to admit, I only owned the Ianonne textbook and the two Collins Law books. My only other prep for the mgt books was your sink and seminars. I sprinted for 6 weeks after labor day, and I know for a fact some of my competition trained like a marathon. You now have the XXXX PD top on the Sgt exam (XXXXX), and myself for the Lieut exam – two for two…
Justin, I want to thank you for providing the materials that helped me top my department on the promotional exam. I took the test for Sgt. and scored a 89. I studied very hard and used your materials exclusively. This exam was tough to study for with my three kids and grad school in the mix. ……. Thank you again for all your help.
I just wanted to let you know that I got promoted to Sergeant on XXXX. From test to strips in six months… not to shabby. But the reason that I’m writing, is to thank you again for sharing your method. There is no doubt in my mind what so ever, that I would not be where I am today had it not been available. I’m actually looking forward to dipping back into the study material for my next promotion. Thank you again Justin!
We had spoken via email just after the exam. I wanted to let you know I scored a 90 (92.5 written) on the Sgt.’s exam, my highest score yet. I purchased your materials and attended your seminars, and I firmly believe it was you and your material that allowed me to accomplish this. So, just wanted to say THANKS!!
Justin, I just checked online. My first test, I got a 93, my T&E was an 85 or 86 so by my math I wrote a 96. Better then I could have hoped for. Thanks for everything, if I can help in the future at all let me know!
Justin, The scores are now available online. I just checked and found that I scored 87/100. I have to say, I owe it to your study guides and seminars. Without them I don’t know if I would have done as well.
Topped the sergeants list for my PD with an 85…only guy at my PD to use Hanrahan. The next closest guy had an 78 – he went with the other two guys because he “never heard of Hanrahan” I’m glad he didn’t
Thanks for all your time and effort. I got a 86 and yours are the only books I read or studied from. I have taken courses from the others and yours is by far the best. Its a ground ball!!!
Now that I topped my last exam I will say this – you are an absolute fool if you do not attend Hanahan’s seminars. I didn’t tell anyone about him before but now I’m done taking exams so I don’t mind letting others know.
Justin, I just wanted to thank you for helping me with this exam, I have taken other courses and used other material that do not compare to yours. I got a 95 on the written test and a 94 overall on the Sergeants exam. I checked with other people in my department and my score is the top. Thank you again and I look forward to your help with the next exam (2008 Lieutenants).
Thank you again for the outstanding work and professionalism in preparing me for the 2006 promotional exam. Thanks to you and your staff I have topped both the Sergeant and Lieutenant exam for my department. A lieutenant position is now in my very near future with a 28% pay increase! I would have no problem with you posting my scores on your website if that is what you would like to do. I will refer all officers I know to use your material when taking the future promotional exams ….. that is unless they are competition for the next Captain promotion! Thank you again.
Justin, Your materials were head and shoulders above the rest! I was able to pull in a 91 on the lieutenant’s exam with just three weeks of cramming. Your outlines are phenomenal; true masterpieces. They get right to the point and focus nicely on the nuances that get you the points you need to blow out the competition. The flashcards and compact discs are a nice complement to the outlines, they keep you going when you get tired. Your hard work has really paid off. You deserve all the accolades you are receiving. Have a great New Year and thank you for your help.
Justin, just to let you know I got a 98 on Sgt. exam. My training and experience was a 90 so I think I got a 100 on exam. I didn’t get my paper score only on line so I’m not sure if they accounted for T&E. Thanks for your help. The cards were right on.
Justin, I don’t know if it is a mistake, but supposedly I got a 97 on the test for Lt. Of course that includes two points for veteran preference – so a raw score of 95. I guess your flash card system paid off.
Hi Justin, It’s me XXXX from XXXXXX again. Just wanted you to know that so far with only a few scores left to obtain from those secret squirels in our department I have topped the list. It’s funny that everybody else in our department went to Shceft and Rogers and I was only one of two guys who went to your seminars. I guess it payed off. Well once again I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks
Hey Justin, Hope all is well. I scored an 90 on the Sergeant test and a high 80’s on the Lieutenant test. So far it is the high score for the department with two officers to go! Thank you for your help with the promotional preparation.
I am very greatful to you, your staff, and the materials that you made available to me….THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Your system and materials (Edge Book, Flash Cards, and Audio CD’s) are a gold mine of wealth and an innovative and simpler way of study.
Justin, I received an 87% on the Sergeant’s Exam. I know that it’s VERY preliminary but that’s top score so far for Sergeant.
Hi Justin, I got an 88 on the Lts exam. I’m quite pleased. Thanks for your help! It was your outlines and courses. I plan to tell everyone I know. Thank you
Hi Justin, I received a 90 for the Sergeant’s exam. Thanks,
Hey Justin, I just got my score on line. 90%. Thank you for all of your help. Just a quick note, passed with an 83, what a shock. Sitting atop the scores as of now. Thanks for the help, no doubt because of your materials I scored this well on an impossible exam.
Justin, I wanted to thank you for your materials and your course. I used only your material and scored high in both the lieutenant’s exam and the captain’s exam. I received the highest grade within my department and I have Hanrahan Consulting to thank for that.
Justin, I got my results for the Sergeants exam. I got an 88, up 4 points from the last test and I topped the exam for my department. I have used the other 2 guys in the past and think that your material is right up there, especially for just arriving on the scene. I think the flashcards are what helped me the most. Thank you and Happy New Year.
Justin, I want to thank you for providing the materials that helped me top my department on the promotional exam. I took the test for Sgt. and scored a 89. I studied very hard and used your materials exclusively. This exam was tough to study for with my three kids and grad school in the mix. …… Thank you again for all your help.
Hello Lt, it appears I have gotten all the scores “informally” and topped it (Lt exam) at 94. There are 2 tied at 90, then downhill from there. I have to admit, I only owned the Ianonne textbook and the two Collins Law books. My only other prep for the mgt books was your sink and seminars. I know you told me at one of the seminars your apprehension for teaching the law seminar through MPI, but I thought that one helped tremendously as well. I sprinted for 6 weeks after labor day, and I know for a fact some of my competition trained like a marathon. You now have the XXXXX PD top on the Sgt exam, and myself for the Lieut exam – two for two… We have a new Sgt test this Oct and the buzz has already started. I have been asked by many new 3 yr officers and have steered them your way.
Justin – Just wanted to let you know that from the first day at the “First Time Test Takers Seminar”, I knew your product was just what I needed. I thought because of the extent of material that I needed to learn there was no chance I would be able to do it…it seemed so overwhelming! But, with your “Kitchen Sink” materials, seminars and continued support, I am sitting at the top of the list with a 90 for the sergeant’s exam.
Thanks for everything,
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