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About Us

Hanrahan Consulting, LLC was founded by Justin Hanrahan. Justin is a police lieutenant for a mid-sized police department in the greater Boston area. Within two years he was promoted to sergeant and one year later, while still in his twenties, he was promoted to lieutenant.  Justin used a technique of memorization used to master the promotional material – the flash card memorization method. Millions of students have used flash cards to quickly and easily memorize large amounts of data in a short period of time. Law students, medical students, and students learning foreign languages have successfully used flash cards to learn difficult material.

about-pixSoon thereafter, Justin began helping co-workers and friends in law enforcement prepare for the promotional exam informally several years ago.  His students also had great success and word spread within a few years those “in the know” started using Justin’s services and now Hanrahan Consulting is the must-go-to service for those seeking promotion.

In addition to helping police officers achieve promotional success, Justin has been teaching police officers and police supervisors for many years in the area of critical incident management, policy development, police supervision, criminal law and criminal procedure. Justin enjoys teaching police officers and is dedicated to improving law enforcement in the Commonwealth.

Justin is a Massachusetts licensed attorney who focuses his efforts on training law enforcement officers in the area of management and supervision, policy development, criminal procedure and critical incident management.

Justin currently teaches Criminal Law & Procedure for the MBTA Transit Police Academy and is the author of the Police Officer’s Law Manual: Massachusetts Police Officer’s Guide to Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Law and Motor Vehicle Law, which is the book used to teach new police officers in training at the academy and the book is also used by hundreds of police officers and many police departments as their primary all-inclusive field reference.

Justin continues to serve the citizens of Massachusetts as a police officer and he continues to take promotional exams and improve his exam taking skills passing it on to his students.

Hanrahan Consulting, LLC is now an independent company that uses a variety of input from numerous police officers and police supervisors in the greater Boston area to keep its material up to date and unique.


Loren Fitzgibbons is a specialist in testing for entry level and promotional titles. Loren was employed in the state’s Civil Service Unit for many years, in both the Test Development and Test Administration teams. Loren participated in and/or supervised testing for mainly Public Safety positions, including all Police ranks, all Fire ranks, Environmental Police ranks, Parole Officer ranks, Correction Officer ranks, and others. In her role at Civil Service, Loren was a key factor in the Education & Experience (E&E) exam component, the transition to the online processing system NeoGov/MACS in 2012, all online testing programs, and all oral/Assessment Center testing programs. Public Safety testing is a passion of Loren’s, especially Assessment Center exams and other alternate methods of testing. In her role at Civil Service, Loren reviewed and approved approximately 150 Assessment Center exams that were developed and administered by multiple external vendors, and also led the internal development and administration of the Regional Assessment Center Initiative (RACI). Loren has earned her Master’s Degree from Emerson College, and her Bachelor’s Degree from Clark University.


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